Please VOTE: New Comp Cards Pics

Hey there, I need your help.

I recently had pictures taken to assemble a comp card, which is basically something that is presented at auditions and agencies as my professional calling card. There are generally four categories of images that are on a card like this: 1) headshot, 2) torso and above shot, 3) side profile, and 4) full body.

These images should be natural and minimalistic, which is why I am wearing basic makeup and typical audition attire in these pictures: black tank, jeans and black pumps. It is also okay if these pictures show a little natural personality, especially in the Midwest.

Jenn Robbins is one of the first few people I met and befriended in the fashion industry in Kansas City. I always appreciate connectors and entrepreneurial women who champion other women – Jenn is this all day long. Among the many things she does (a few being, getting her degree, modeling, running a couple businesses, and graphic designing), she is a fantastic photographer. She makes the process comfortable and safe, and she is truly committed to make you look and feel your best in the pictures she takes.

Oh, and she also is a fire performer. Yep, you heard me.

I am including her contact info at the bottom of this page. You will be glad to have met her. Please tell her I sent you.

Also, these pictures would not be possible without Heather (IG: @heatherbcurvy). To me, she falls in the same category as Jenn – someone I am so grateful to have gotten to know. She is kind, supportive, and a wealth of information and experience. She was at this shoot, moving this wild hair of mine out of my face and coaching me as Jenn took pictures: “Now, open your mouth a bit, turn a little more, pop your hip to the right, keep your arm there, you’re doing great…”

Honestly, I cannot say enough about these two women.

On to these pictures…Would you mind giving me your feedback on which pictures I should use for my comp card? I have my favorites, but I want to see what you think. Leave your votes in the comments here, or in the comments on my IG or FB page. I put letters with each picture to make voting easy.

Happy voting! And… THANK YOU SO MUCH!






Jenn Robbins

Website: jenniferrobbins.net/

Direct contact: jenniferrobbinsg6@gmail.com or find her on Messenger

Follow her: @jenn.a.robbins